The start of new Units is very exciting!

ingevoerd op 19-01-2019

This week I will kick off with some new units.


With grade 9 I will focus on taking calculated risks aka Gymnastics and Parkour. The outside school practicallity of this unit is massive as this unit leads us to ski-break. Practicing fallbreaking will be an essential part of the learning happening. I might be able to add some preperation for jumps (ski and snowboard). The really exciting part is that I will be working with a grade 11 student assistant who received his official training at the start of the school through Parkour for School. 


With grade 10 I am going back to the 80’s and work on disco dancing! #danceyoursocksoff. I am definitely looking forward to the next couple of weeks teaching and learning at #isdedu 

IMG_7649 IMG_7649