The start of E-learning for MYPPHE4

We have gone long-distance "Healthy Happy Students"

Healthy Happy Students (

Together with my colleague Ben Furniss we worked on keeping the E-learning relevant and manageable for our students @isdedu. We decided to go back to the basic needs of our students during their time outside the school. The first couple of days were so-called transition days, we tasked our students with the following:

*Google classroom update* This week your task for PHE is to:
- Clean up your digital learning space (aka computer) a lot of online learning will depend on the working memory of your computer. Keep your computer healthy.
- Clean up your physical working space at home. Know where you will be working and create an environment with not too much distraction. 
- Take care of your screen time by allowing for some active brain boosts. You can use the YouTube playlist  �Get your Sweat on� ( to get the blood pumping. Please keep me informed of your progress by sharing with me which activity you choose to do. If you find new activities please share them and I add them to our list. In case you are not able to be active at all you should contact me. 

After this initial transition time we roll out our plan for the week. We have decided to go asynchronous, meaning that when students have PHE on their schedule we will be available for direct questions through the use of zoom, email and Google Classroom but we will not be teaching Physical Education live (or at least not for the time being). With many subjects starting up their E-learning units we wanted to address the fact that our students are going through challenging times. Our main task at the moment is to keep track of our students well-being. Making sure that they are ”Healthy Happy Students”. To achieve this we have thought out of a daily schedule which they can follow at their own ease. Each day has a 5-7 minute informational item linked to keeping people healthy and happy. We created two YouTube play lists, ”a screen break  - brain boost” and a ”Get your Sweat on”. As we use Google classroom it is easy to give each student their own document which we as teachers have access to. The daily Healthy Happy Students ( check in should not take longer than 5 minutes and will give us, the teachers, a good overview of how our students are coping. At the International School of Düsseldorf we have a very strong support system for students. This document will be one of the many tools we use to keep track of our students’ well-being while they are going through a very challenging time. 


Together we achieve more, if you have resources you think would be beneficial for students aged 14-15-16 then please use this Google Form Sharing of resources ( If your resources are being used I will grant you full access to the next ”Healthy Happy Student” document. 


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